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Many have asked me what equipment I use and what my photographic processes are. I use different formats of camera, both film and digital. I do not endorse any particular brand of camera because a capable photographer can make a great photograph with any of them. With lenses however I have seen a clear difference, and that is why I chose Carl Zeiss lenses. I make no money directly from Zeiss, just my honest opinion. Even if you shoot 35mm format you can still acquire them in popular mounts such as Nikon, Canon, and Sony. As far as my printing process goes, this I can be clear on. I want you to have the best print I can give you; therefore I do not make inkjet prints. Market analyst learned quickly that calling inkjets, Giclée, or, Pigmented ink print, makes them sound more appealing for sales. They are basically spray photos. Ink or dye is sprayed onto prepared paper resulting in a simulated photograph. They can and do look quite good for what they are, and I have no problem with this technology if it makes a better print (I would be using them), however I feel spray-photos fall short. I believe that no professional should be pushing spray photos, they are inferior. Don't buy a photographers B.S. in telling you how great his or her prints made at home with an Epson printer and ultra-chrome inks are. My clients deserve better. I know I would be disappointed if I bought a print from a photographer and learned that he made it at home on his inkjet printer! Sadly this is what the majority are selling you. Metal prints are a newer technology and the one I most strongly recommend (fanatically so) that you procure from me: Dyes associated with the light source are fused directly into specially UV-coated aluminum sheets, which are true archival works of art for both color and black and white works. This makes a highly durable, waterproof, weatherproof, and very scratch resistant image. Metal prints have a high gloss luminescence, and an incredibly detailed look and resolution. These prints are more costly then paper-based color prints (and my profits are lower on metal), however you do not need to pay for matting, mounting, framing, and glass cutting - which more than makes up for their higher initial cost. Metal prints are float mounted which gives a 3D look on your wall. You need only a nail to hang one. Moreover, since you do not have different colored mats and frames that that are chosen to go with your room decor, they can be moved around more with less conflict of your home furnishings. Metal has a simple and elegant feel. Another benefit to metal prints is that because there is nothing covering the print, so there is no loss of resolution from the glass and its added reflectance. In addition, when a metal print gathers dust, you simply wipe them off with a wet sponge! They are truly stunning; I highly recommend them. You can of course frame them like a traditional photograph if you so desire. For the ultimate Black and White printed photographs from me, I also offer hand-signed and numbered limited addition Silver Gelatin prints in addition to the prints available through my standard pricing and check-out pages. The size and number is dependent on the actual image. Silver gelatin fiber based papers are cotton rag paper coated with silver halide photographic emulsion. Because there is no plastic coating that is common on RC papers, the image permeates deep into the paper creating a great sense of depth, luminosity, and tonal range. With proper archival toning and handling, the longevity of silver fiber based prints can exceed 200 years. Please contact me for a quote and availability of these fine prints. I offer discounts on multiple prints for office and home furnishing and can provide many different mounting and matting options including wall clusters and splits in metal. Please contact me if you don't see what you are looking for in my checkout options for print purchases and I will work with you to fulfill your needs beyond your expectations. © 2003 - 2020 Douglas Remington, Ethereal Light® Photography, LLC - All Rights Reserved.

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