I am a seeker and chaser of light. I aspire to fully understand light and have an expressive relationship with it. I want to know the physics of light, the spirit of light, and discover as much of its secrets as possible. The reasons are complex and yet simple. There is a balancing act in nature. Just as life itself, light needs darkness. Darkness is the canvas of which light paints itself. Without darkness we could not even be aware of light. I have found that this realization aids my artistic vision and with any luck, makes a memorable impression upon you, the viewer of my work. Hello, I'm Douglas Remington, and welcome to Ethereal Light® Photography. I was born in Portland Oregon, and was raised on an organic farm in a rural area not far from Portland. This is where the foundation of my enjoyment of the outdoors comes from. My photography interest began as a mid-teen, when a neighbor had some "35mm equipment for sale." I was immediately taken by photography and immersed myself into it quite profoundly. I have now been shooting seriously since the mid to late 1980s. For me, being in the wilderness is a great passion for me and the camera has always been part of my adventures into the wild and elsewhere. I do hope that my images of wild natural areas inspire people to visit them in a conscientious manner and to work towards preserving them for generations to come. I also enjoy photographing people and other subject matter equally as well; whatever my mind's eye and camera are "meant to do” at a given moment in time. For as long as I can reminisce things seem to have an ethereal luminescence to them; hence the term: "Ethereal Light®" an expression I have been using since the 1980s (and my internet business trademark since 2003). This sensation I try to convey in much of my artwork, both monochrome and in color. Beyond the realm of visual alchemy, I am an avid Bladesmith, and maintain interest in creating great cuisine, philosophy, anthropology, archeology, psychology, history, mythology, mysticism, symbolism, and primitive survival skills. In addition I also play guitar and am a passionate maker of all things fermentable. Please visit my Flickr and Face Book pages. Many photos that do not make it here to my website you can find on Flickr.

You can check out my Bladesmithing at Resonance Forge


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